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launer-royal-warrantsmall.jpgFrom a small brick building in a town to the north of Birmingham come some of the most stylish, elegant and sophisticated leather goods in the world.  In recognition of their excellence Launer were rewarded with a Royal Warrant in 1968 with Her Majesty the Queen carrying a Launer London handbag for more than 40 years.

All Launer products are made from carefully selected leathers that have been specifically tanned for the company.  You will never see a raw cut edge on a Launer product - all leather edges are turned so that they look elegant and refined.  Their distinguished legacy does not prevent Launer from embracing contempory design with a bold and vivacious array of colours and textures.  The classic Launer calf is the epitome of urban chic while men pursuing a vintage and heritage style will love the bridle hide wallets.  A Launer product is a hallmark of quality for the discerning and astute whilst avoiding the gaucherie of designer and celebrity culture.