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On the coast just to the south of Naples and within sight of Vesuvius there is a small area known as the 'Torre Annunziata'.
Within this area lies the  Adpel 'pelletterie laboratorio' - a leather goods workshop where local craftsmen and women produce exquisitely finished leather goods in the finest Italian style

Vegetable tanning is a tradition that members of the Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium have practised for over 200 years.  The transformation from raw hides into a durable material is a slow process that takes place in wooden drums using natural tannins extracted from chestnut or Argentinean quebracho trees.  Using both antique recipes and state-of-the-art technology nearly forty days are needed to transform raw hides into unique vegetable-tanned leathers.  The result is a material that ages without spoiling or compromising its durabilty and that gains a vintage feel with the warm colour shades and patina of a natural product.