Acrylic coated fabrics are durable, stain resistant and odour free, yet retain the texture, drape, and elegance of the base layer fabric. They are ideal for casual family dining and suitably stylish for entertaining friends and guests in a more formal setting.

Sometimes referred to as Teflon coating, two layers of a liquid and stain blocking acrylic coating are applied to the fabric which is then immersed in a water-repellent solution for added protection. The result is a fabric that is highly resistant to blemishes or discolouration from food and water or oil-based stains. Liquid spills are easily wiped off with a sponge or cloth.

Phthalates free and food safe, our acrylic coated wipe clean tablecloths look great, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and easy to clean - meaning you spend less time on laundry and more time enjoying food, family and friends.
Our cut-to-length acrylic coated fabrics are popular for home sewing projects and are also ideal for making aprons, seat covers, bags and other accessories.