bfpo.jpgWe are happy to post to BFPO Addresses.

All BFPO deliveries will be delivered into Northolt via Royal Mail or Parcelforce where they will then be routed to the correct locations.
Please be aware that once your parcel is handed over to BFPO we cannot track the parcel and will have no control over its delivery.

BFPO addresses must be entered into the fields in our online order form in a specific format, as shown below, ensuring that the BFPO number is entered into the postcode field:


Full name: Service Number, Rank, Namemod-ministry-of-defence.jpg

Address line 1: Company

Address line 2: leave field blank

Town/City: Regiment

County: leave field blank

Postcode: BFPO ### (eg: BFPO 123)

Country: United Kingdom

Phone number: enter a contact number, either your own or the recipient's.